Financial Software Systems Integration and Development

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Combined Fee Notice

Financial institutions can produce one notice per account that contains all fee transactions posted within a selected reporting periods

  • Ability to list fees from online, channel and application/posting file applications on a single notice.
  • Eliminates customer/member confusion as to why the fee was posted by providing both a time/date stand and available account balance at the time the fee transaction was posted, so the customer/member can clearly see why the fee was assessed (i.e. negative balance)
  • Allows customer/member to see the related transaction(s) that the fee, with significant detail (such as an ACH or ATM/POS transaction)

  • Offers the capability of "point to point" reporting time periods, which can be over multiple business days and with time cutoffs to accommodate mailing deadlines.

Enhanced Late Charge Notice

Designed to produce a notice, at any given point in time at the request of a financial institution, to be sent to the borrower to inform them of their outstanding late charge balance due in a effort to collect the late charges as soon as possible.

  • Ability to generate a notice to sent to Borrowers notifying them of outstanding Late Charges, which fall outside the payment sequence, at any given point in time
  • Capability to exclude the application for a specific loan product or loan account, and product minors
  • Ability for the Financial Institution to designate which Late Charges, specific Charges and/or Recurring Fees to generate notices that will be sent
  • Ability to define the notices being sent to the Borrower by Major and Minor product types

Unapplied Loan Balance Notice

Informs the borrower that a partial payment has not been applied to the loan account balances (interest, principal, etc.) and instead has been applied to the unapplied balance on the loan account.

  • Ability to generate a notice to send to borrowers notifying them that their partial payment is in an unapplied balance until a full payment amount is made
  • Ability to generate notices for delinquent loan accounts exclusively or both delinquent and non-delinquent accounts
  • Capacity for adjusting date ranges to accommodate a business practice of generating notices daily, weekly, or any date range specified by the financial institution 

  • Ability to exclude the application for a specific loan product or account