Financial Software Systems Integration and Development

Business Suite

Sphere of Influence Extract

The Sphere of Influence Extract batch application is a non-updating application that allows a Financial Institution to produce an extract file that contains pertinent business information that can be imported into the Prometheus Financial Solutions LLC's Sphere of Influence application. 

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Commercial Analysis Modeling Calculator

The Commercial Analysis Modeling Calculator web application will be used as a sales tool for the Commercial Officer to demonstrate the advantages of banking at their Financial Institution and provide the client with scenarios for the Total Service Charges/Earnings Credit their account may incur if the account is opened and maintained at the Financial Institution. 

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Compensating Balances for Business Loans

Lets Business Lenders link deposit accounts to a loan with a contractual average balance threshold (compensating balance)

  • Link a variety of deposit accounts to a loan account for average balance calculations

  • Small businesses such as sole proprietors can link personal accounts, if the Financial Institution allows

  • Review data from a single screen to monitor the relationship

  • Loan account-level balance threshold and rate adjustment variables

  • Single-click processing to update or revert a loan account rate based on average balance compliance

Document Request Enhancement

Allows the Financial Institution to combine multiple document types, as a request for outstanding items, into a single notice.   

  • One notice generated for multiple document request records.

  • Notice only requests the outstanding items.

  • Ability to configure single and certain multiple document requests to utilize additional notice markers to provide additional information for the recipient. 

Enhanced Collateral Search

Gain a snapshot overview of all collateral under a Person, Organization, or Account

  • Quickly view a Borrower’s aggregate collateral values through a single screen

  • Group collateral types into user-defined categories

  • View how the collateral affects the Loan-to-Value ratios on a pie chart

  • Single click access to additional breakdown of all collateral records

  • Additional tool for lender portfolio reviews

Loan Fee Calculator

Allows the User to view the Borrower's loan and collateral information in order to assess a fee ,while also giving the flexibility to choose what values will be included in the calculation.

The user has the flexibility to calculate a fee based on factors such as:

  • Note Balance

  • Over Credit Limit
  • Fixed Amount
  • Overdue Principal
  • Percentage Rate (input by user)

Participation Summary Screen

View a loan with multiple participation agreements on a single screen

  • View information regarding all the participants for a loan on a single screen

  • Consolidated single view of the loan and participant information from the existing Participation Inquiry screen

  • View the percent of the loan owned by the Financial Institution and the remaining balance available to be sold

  • View the total percent committed to the Investors and the total participation amount